Innovation Fund Projects 2023

Arise Tabitha

Church: Moseley WHC
Key Contact: Dorcas Cain
Description: This new ministry will be aimed at women and young girls with the idea of reaching them for Christ while teaching them a skill for life.  I am anticipating selling hand-made goods sewn by the group to raise funds that can help to sustain this ministry. ‘Arise Tabitha’ (AT) is based on Acts 9:40 where Peter commanded the dead disciple Dorcas to come back to life. In our church community around Balsall Heath we know that women face challenges and difficulties with the demands of daily life. AT will be about sharing God’s love first and foremost and witnessing his transforming power to change lives of women who need to be brought back to life.  Through changed lives, communities can then be transformed as women will start to live with a purpose and a sense of direction.
Proposed start date: Thursday 2nd November 2023

The Well, Handsworth

Church: New Life Wesleyan Church
Key Contact: Angela Hill
Description: This is a new ministry with a primary focus on meeting the needs of single people. The Well, Handsworth is aimed to offer singles an opportunity to be valued, supported and celebrated.  As singles are on the fringes of the church and in society, this project will be intentional, inter-generational and integrative by: identifying needs, bringing diverse groups of singles together (from young adults upwards) and cultivating relationships within “hubs” that are not isolated but connect with each other.  Part of this integration will reach singles in the wider community to also meet their emotional, social, practical and spiritual needs.  As a proposal, the initial phase will be to complete a singles audit (partnering with Single Friendly Church).  This will be followed by an invitation to all singles to participate in a “Pastoral hub” through the “TLC” of Jesus. ‘Tender’ to be sensitive and inclusive, (teaching, sermons, Bible studies). ‘Loving’, through listening and learning and finally ‘Caring’, through connecting, promoting self-care and well-being. This project will be a prototype that can be facilitated across the Wesleyan churches and beyond as “The Well in ?” – an inclusive hub for singles to bring hope and healing that will subvert the stigma of singleness.
Proposed start date: October 2023

Today’s Young Mothers’ Experiences (TYME)

Church: Manchester WHC
Key Contacts: Rev. Magret Madariki and Rachel Hernon
Description: TYME is completely new, created to support young mothers and those whose children have gone into care. Bringing the love of God to the communities around and promoting diversity through TYME by being the comfort zone working in partnership with other local community organisations including AFM, Love Life and Rosa.  We will provide emotional support such as listening; accompanying going to hospital or interviews; providing toiletries; during and after giving birth; referral to professionals or other organisations according to the needs of the mothers.
Proposed start date: October 2023